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Asia is enormous or calls it gigantic landmass that exists from ancient times on the planet Earth. This part of the continent is also large enough to hold on to a massive population size. World’s biggest countries like China and Russia are located in this part of the land. Travellers may often get boggled on knowing that Asia is connected to the subcontinent quite popular as Eurasia. The fascination continues to take a momentous surge and further tickles the mind of the travellers as they learn that the Asian continent has the highest mountainous zone comprising 14 tallest mountains with peaks standing more than 8000 Metres on sea level, and peaks surmounting to as high as whopping as Mount Everest with the record level of 8 848 meters on sea level.

The Asian landmass brings with it unlimited biodiversity, innovation and a well-balanced gene pool. There is a wide range of plants species, sub-species and exclusivity of animal groups and subgroups. Different species of tigers, including the Royal Bengal Tigers, Orangutans, King Cobras and many more. While some parts of the Asian biome has gone through human destruction, the level of diversification is still growing and balanced. Visiting Asia is a boon in disguise for travellers, especially the ones who are the connoisseurs’ delicate and exotic snacks. The variety in street foods and pleasantries offered in Asian markets are sure to give the travellers a bouncy feeling that relishes deep inside the heart, which later continues to elate and melt into the minds. Cheap flights to Asia run on flexible timings and travellers have plenty of choices to make around.