Anuj Goel Pune | Anuj Goel Ganga

Goel Ganga Developments is a success story of three generations. It was Mr. Anuj Goel Pune who nitpicked the good with him on his professional journey and made it better. It is his commitment to the organisation, passion for real estate that evokes creativity and innovation among the team. Working beside him proves to be an experience like no other, as he always leads by example. It is his mission to make Goel Ganga Developments an esteemed international real estate brand which inspires good living. An empathetic customer-centric approach has given the organisation wings and allows Goel Ganga Developments to fly through international markets. With a crystal clear intent, speedy decision-making abilities, and a discipline to hustle harder everyday lets Goel Ganga Developments achieve what it aspires. A family man, Anuj Goel Pune enjoys vacationing with family and has a good laugh at least once a day.

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