Amrutvel Rehabilitation Center

Amrutvel Rehabilitation Center is one of the most trusted Rehabilitation Centre & Nashamukti Kendra in Pune. Which is handled by Dr. Sandip Nandre and his team doing treatment of each and every patient with complete professionalism. About Amrutvel and Residential Health Care was established by Dr. Vinayak jarhad and Dr. Sandip Nandre and team of Psychologist 5 years ago with a sole purpose of providing a range of psycho-social convalescence services for clients suffering from various PHYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES including group and individual. Amrutvel Rehabilitation Center Mission is to give a helping hand, and to fill up that gap in an individual's life, bringing them back to the main stream of society as an accepted human being through our professional knowledge and skills. We are topmost Drug De Addiction Centre in Pune.

For More Brief Info. About our all services visit our website or feel free to connect with us on +919860990320.