All You Need To Know About The UK Global Talent Visa

The Tech Nation Visa is intended for professionals skilled in information technology, science, literature, the arts, and engineering who wish to provide their knowledge and contribute to their relevant fields in the UK. Tech Nation is an endorsing body for technologists. It is a unique visa since it enables you to work in the UK and, if you so want, in the future, you may open your own business. This is not feasible with any other type of visa other than a Tech Nation UK visa.

Let us explain this tech nation visa to you in case you aren’t yet familiar with it. This is for tech industry specialists who desire to work overseas. You must go through a two-stage procedure that begins at the beginning of the process and takes around 6 to 8 weeks to complete. You will know if your visa is accepted or denied at the end of Stage 1, also known as the endorsement stage for Global Talent Visa UK, which takes around 3 to 4 weeks. The Stage 2 application process, which takes an additional 3–4 weeks to complete after you finish this phase, is the following step. With a valid visa, you can stay in the UK for five years before requesting an extension if you want to stay longer.