AHSEC Class 12 English Notes, Important Questions Answers, Solution

AHSEC Class 12 English Study Guide

Prose Section

The Last Lesson: Explore the emotional narrative set during the Franco-Prussian War, emphasizing the sudden imposition of German in Alsace schools.
Lost Spring: Delve into the poignant stories of childhoods marred by poverty and the struggle for survival in the slums.
Deep Water: William Douglas recounts his traumatic experience with water and his journey to overcome his deep-seated fear.
Indigo: Learn about Gandhi’s involvement with the indigo farmers of Champaran and his fight against exploitation.
Going Places: Follow Sophie’s daydreams and aspirations, and how they contrast with her modest reality.
Poetry Section
My Mother at Sixty-Six: Kamala Das’s touching portrayal of aging and the fear of loss.
Keeping Quiet: Pablo Neruda’s call for introspection and unity through silence.
A Thing of Beauty: John Keats’s ode to the everlasting joy that beauty brings.
A Roadside Stand: Robert Frost’s critique of economic disparity and the plight of rural poverty.
Supplementary Reader: Vistas
The Tiger King: A satirical take on the absurdity of power and superstition.
Journey To The End Of The Earth: A scientific exploration of climate change and its impact.
On The Face Of It: An inspiring story of overcoming disability and finding companionship.
Memories Of Childhood: A collection of autobiographical episodes that highlight cultural conflicts and personal triumphs.