Advantage of using Custom Jewelry Boxes

The inner coating of a custom-printed cigarette box is a thin layer of metal or paper laminated to the box. It encases the cigarettes, protecting them from moisture and deterioration. UV-coated boxes can withstand external environmental conditions, including high temperatures and unstable materials. These advantages make custom-printed cigarette boxes an ideal marketing tool. The inner coating also provides a barrier to moisture and air, which helps preserve the original taste and scent of the cigarettes.
Custom-printed cigarette boxes are printed with special techniques to enhance their appearance and appeal of the boxes. YBY Boxes makes use of quality inks for printing. Moreover, they use biodegradable inks. In addition, they use UV-coating and dot inks. Therefore, the final product is 100% commendable. Its coating process also enables you to get your cigarette boxes finished to match the desired style and color scheme.