Advanced technologies are helping the Public transport industry to break barriers in their operation

Fixed route service is what most people are familiar with – buses or vans traveling regular routes at scheduled times. This kind of service comes up with many challenges in their daily operations. Augusta Richmond County transit is one of these service agencies that have been providing their services since the early ‘90s. Augusta Transit’s (AT) Fixed Route service consists of a bus service that operates on established routes, days, and scheduled times in Richmond County.
Even though the fixed routes play a crucial role in public transit, they cannot be accessible by all the persons of the society. The Augusta Transit introduced their paratransit system for persons with permanent or temporary disabilities.
In search of improving their services, Augusta transit has teamed up with HBSS to improve their scheduling and Route optimization technology. They helped AT with their QRyde software to improve their operations. Their Rural Dispatch system helped to streamline their scheduling and dispatching which resulted in a decreased operation cost.
This technology will provide customers with real-time information to track vehicles and can rebuild routes dynamically based on passenger pickup and arrivals and can make data-driven decisions to notify existing customers of route changes in near real-time. The technology will offer on-demand rides using available seats on its routes to all riders in the community, a customer experience like that offered by ride-hailing companies.

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