A Memorable Trip to Hingol National Park & Kund Malir Beach

A Memorable Trip to Hingol National Park & Kund Malir Beach: They say it’s better to travel well than to arrive. Road trips are so fun and relaxing at the same time! Such activities have never failed to encourage and motivate our employees to work harder and better, as they give you a chance to spend quality time with your colleagues, bond, and want to get back to the office every day.

Our road trip to Princess of Hope in Hingol National Park was as memorable as it could get! We all gathered at our Karachi office and set off on this amazing trip at 6 am. We arrived at 8:30 for breakfast at Windar and everyone bonded quite well over breakfast, stretched, and buckled up to achieve some bold escapades. Jamming to our favourite music we travelled on the scenic Makran Coastal Highway. Our drive to Hingol National Park was extremely amusing, followed by a hike to Princess of Hope, which was breathtakingly beautiful. Witnessing such amazingly picturesque views of nature was really refreshing, hence the hike was totally worth it. We couldn’t get enough of any site we visited but couldn’t stay forever so we set off to chill at the Golden Beach for a while. The beach was splendidly broad and smooth, it was a bright and windy day, we walked on the shore, the time at the beach was most relaxing! After a morning full of adventures, we went to Kund Malir at 2 pm for lunch, cheered to our satisfaction, and left for Karachi at 4 pm. The way back seemed more beautiful than ever before, it was as if we didn’t want it to end, neither the day nor the trip!

We live for such happening experiences and wish to have more of these, and being a Tribian you periodically get to go on such awesome experiences.

Here’s what a few of our colleagues said about the trip:

“Alhamdulillah, it was an amazing experience overall with such great people and company. Thank you so much Tribe management for inviting ” – Raza Ali

“The most enjoyed event of my entire life, thank you, Tribe and Employer Brand