A Best Social Media Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing is the way of handling clients to your site through Social Media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media marketing platforms. This digital advertising technique offers a client-centred focus.
We are the Kolkata based social media marketing agency Yoodigi, helping brands thrive across digital marketing channels. Social media management, websites, Facebook ads, Google ads, and search engine optimization are just a few services we offer to deal in. It’s our vision to help clients understand how they can use us to boost their power, and apparently, we can extend their reach and help them grow.
Personalized social media management
After a long time, a conversation has taken place on social media channels about what’s hot in your industry. Yoodigi has become a leading social media marketing agency by producing social media campaigns that sense the emotions of their customers. We communicate our client’s unique stories through original branded content that differentiates your brand from your competitors.
We help our students to nurture and scale their digital marketing skills through social media marketing services tailored specifically to each brand.
Instagram Advertising
At Yoodigi, we have a team of digital marketing experts and analysts who are masters in the field of Instagram advertising. We are passionate about developing comprehensive Instagram marketing strategies that mark leads and add tangible value to the bottom line.
Influencer Marketing
It’s a new concept in marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing and the idea of social media influencers are always around. But in the online context, this concept works with industry leaders who can help businesses across all social channels.