5 Successful Indian Serials That Pulled Off Best Royal Acts

Inspired by the trials and triumphs of every Indian, focusing on the beliefs and cultural nuances and showcasing extraordinary journeys, Zee TV brings stories to provide a constant dose of entertainment. Most of the stories not only touch people’s hearts with their engaging narrative but also make them introspect.

Entertaining the viewers for almost three decades, Zee TV has been a trend-setter in creating television content. Successful in introducing several relatable characters to the audience, the channels strive to give them a delightful watching experience.

‘Once upon a time there lived a king and queen’ excited us more than anything else. We all remember our grandma tales. Stories of kings and kingdoms are our all-time favorites. Hindi serials occasionally moved away from the regular ‘saas-bahu’ stories and brought us larger than life stories. Let’s check out some of the famous royal serials that kept us glued to the seat.

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