111+ Krishna Quotes To Make Your Life Positive And Happy

Krishna Quotes | Jai Shri Krishna. Whenever it comes to Shri Krishna, an image is formed in our mind of a man who has a wheel (Sudarshan Chakra) in one hand and is riding on a chariot.

It is said that the easiest way to understand life and live well is to read those old scriptures which talk about protecting religion. If you have also read the Bhagwad Gita completely, you will get the solution to all life problems.

Bhagwad Gita is not just scripture but a book in which all the experiences, questions, problems of our life have already been written. Unfortunately, we have turned our backs on each other in the name of religion.

But we should read things related to religion to become good human being no matter what religion it is. Even today, many people do not even know the meaning of religion, but they harm each other in its name.

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