Installing a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to your SMB’s existing suite of systems is difficult. It requires an audit of all your existing technologies, choosing a vendor that provides the ideal balance of technical vs. cost considerations, and extrapolating your needs into the future.

With recent trends toward work-from-home and remote learning, the importance of safely deploying, securing, and managing company-controlled apps and data is more critical than ever.

11 questions SMB’s should ask when choosing an MDM vendor

Codeproof MDM is an award-winning Unified Endpoint Management(UEM) solution to deploy and manage BYOD and company-owned devices. Free 14-day trial available.
Codeproof offers fast, simple, and integrated security and mobile management solutions with a focus on corporate data leakage prevention through mobile end-points. We are particularly well known for best-in-class customer support and simple UX design.

Our flagship product is the Codeproof platform, an MDM solution which offers customers an industry-leading feature set, easy onboarding, and a simple interface.

SiteSecure® is a BYOD solution which blocks phone cameras inside specified spaces like factory and office campuses to prevent data theft, IP theft, and other security breaches.

Who we are
DriveSafe is a distracted driving solution combining hardware and software for transportation, trucking, and taxi companies to avoid high costs and legal liability.

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