10 innovative ways to Use glass in your bathroom enclosures

We all recognise that bathroom glass partition is an incredible medium used as a panel within the bathroom to describe the region of the wet shower from the dry part to stay away from water that splashes. The shower glass partition brings in transparency, with unhindered vision, and even makes the bathroom look brighter.

Here, we are sharing some interesting ways to work with different types of glass to partition the shower area of your bathroom:

Fixed glass partitions
This glass partition helps limit the spaces and split them into different areas of your bathroom. They are not bulky, like bricks used to make walls. This form of partition works well for small-size bathrooms as it offers a sense of openness. When you use glass shower enclosures, it will make a small size bathroom look bigger.

1. Frameless shower door

2. Framed glass door

3. Colourful lacquered glass

4. Frosted glass

5. Textured glass shower enclosures

6. Patterned glass enclosures

7. Glass sliding doors

8. Bent glass

9. Glass bricks

10. Corrugated glass

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