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How To Write A Song

How To Write A Song

Submitted by • July 17, 2013 - Learn how to write a song with 10 songwriting tips and tricks to get the creative juices flowing.

Get Music On ITunes

Submitted by • December 4, 2012

Looking to get your music on iTunes with DittoMusic? Getting your music on iTunes with DittoMusic is an easy process.

Tips For Instagram

Submitted by • November 21, 2012

Instagram should reflect you and your life as an artist or band, be sure to give it your own voice and engage with your followers.

Sell Beats Online

Sell Beats Online

Submitted by • November 14, 2012 - Rappers that sell beats through Ditto Music keep 100% rights to their beats and retain 100% of sales royalties

Get Music On Sportify

Submitted by • November 6, 2012

Digital distribution has been at the forefront of music promotion now for over four years, and Ditto Music have become the distributor of choice for artists and labels worldwide.

Sell Music On ITunes

Submitted by • October 26, 2012

There are several success stories from musicians who reached fame and fortune after someone discovered them online. Colbie Caillat spent years trying to gain success as a musician.

Studios Recording

Submitted by • October 5, 2012

A studio recording is, quite simply, an attempt to capture a specific song or performance.